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This week's page is a bit late but I was away last week and needed a serious computer break. Next page will be up on November 30th. I'm also working on drawing 30 pages in 30 days (we'll see how it goes lol) and the semester is finishing up. Doing biweekly updates has really slowed down the pace of the comic.

Maritonia on Webtoon – Update

I updated some pages on Webtoon this month! Read them here. If any readers prefer keeping track of comics via Webtoon, I update a few pages per month (approximately lol) and updates will happen monthly until chapter 2 begins. I’m debating on how to update Webtoon for Chapter 2. I tried clumping pages into logical updates but it feels super arbitrary and I feel like individual pages will mean updating webtoon too much (I already update in a million spots haha).

What would people prefer? Choose from the poll here: https://www.maritonia.com/polls/

Sidenote, this week’s page will be on time!