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Well, this was supposed to be posted AGES ago but I had a trip to NYC, an unexpected extension on my trip to Ontario, a cold, and Tears of the Kingdom get in my way of posting this.

This is the only (chapter 2) update I'll be posting until mid-June or the beginning of July. Poor Miriam always gets the short end of the stick. Apologies in advance for her storyline. Also, when Ivanhoe has reservations about his plans, you know it's serious. Ivanhoe has a tendency to be overconfident and delusional, but every so often he has moments of clarity.

Now, to go work on my Zelda comic (the final installment!) and Alpha of the North for the next few weeks.

It’s uhhh…. been a while!

I’m not dead, I’m just busy. Currently in the middle of moving all my shit over to a new PC (which involves finding a VERY hard to find adapter), starting a new role at work, starting a new semester of uni, AND recovering from a month of being away from home. My goal is to start posting again PROBABLY in February. I’ve been inking comics but haven’t moved far on colouring (though I have a fancy new automated flatting tool so that saves A TON of time). Once I’m back into my routine I’ll start working on Alpha of the North again and I’m still hoping for a spring publish.