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The Pirates go to Argentina! We're now at page 55/75! If I can stay on schedule, Chapter 1 should be complete by the end of the year. The first ~58-60 pages of this chapter are kind of meandering all over the place but things are about to really pick up...

it’s another delay post

this week’s page is still delayed aha It’s a little from column “I had another art project to work on” a little from column “why did I make that background so complicated??”. Page 56 AND page 57 are now flatted. Gonna do a double post this weekend and try and get another page up next week. The other art project is done. Speaking of delayed projects! I was planning on getting Alpha of the North done for this fall but I need to retcon some of the chapter 1 timeline (turns out AON was a summer comic lol!). Tentative May 2022 publishing date. I’m also 95% done thumbnailing another side comic, Minor Niner! That’ll be a 2023 release if the world still exists. I always try to aim for 30 pages with these comics but it’s a TIGHT page limit for me. Minor Niner is going to be about 40 pages and they are CRAMPEd pages.