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I was looking to make some incentive images for topwebcomics and at the same time I'd been thinking about the events that happened after chapter 1 ended and I've always had a vague idea of how the Pirates got back to Canada/USA after encountering Sulphur Tongue. I was never going to go into much detail about it because a) it was fairly uneventful and b) the first 5 chapters are a one arc of about 3/4 in the larger comic. But I've got a lot of time to think and I keep thinking up little odds and ends. Not sure where I'll find the time to draw everything (writing is not the issue lol).

ANYWAYS, I was planning to do 5 pages of what happened after Ivanhoe got shot, because like, how the fuck did he survive that gunshot? Then I wrote a script so it wasn't too half assed, but I wrote A LOT of script. And I somehow condensed it into 8 pages. So I'm going to post all these pages now! They're also on Webtoon, if you prefer that platform and want to read them all at once. They'll be on this site as an archive. Also, the first two pages are smaller because I have no bloody idea where my scans went, they'll be updated to a larger format once I re-scan the pages.

Regular pages of Maritonia will resume on February 1st!

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