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Gonna keep this placeholder up so people don't get spoiled by the ending. START HERE.

What's coming up for the comic?

  1. August 2022:
    • Preparing Chapter 2.
    • Finishing Alpha of the North.
    • Webtoon reformat and relaunch.
    • Upload Chapter 1 mirror to Global Comix.
    • Chapter 3 script editing and thumbnailing.
    • Update chapter cover pages...
  2. September 2022:
    • Chapter 2 starts September 7, 2022!
    • Chapter 3 thumbnailing.
    • Keep an eye out for a voting incentive comic....
  3. October 2022:
    • Alpha of the North launch (hopefully!).
  4. November 2022:
    • Begin drawing Minor Niner.

Delayed again… but with a bright side!

June is always the busiest month of the year for me somehow. Anyways, paged are delayed this week but to make up for it… I’ll be doing a a double update this weekend. My class schedule is screwing with my update schedule and the timing of assignments is not compatible with my comic workflow. So here’s the revised schedule for june! June 19: page 72, 73 June 25: Page 74 June 30: Page 75 And then we go on hiatus until early September. I’m excited to get some major work done on Chapter 2. Feels weird to catch up so quickly. I’m glad to be winding up my degree this year because I need the free time to start working on CH3 and the next side comic (which btw I’m starting on in November).