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No new page next week! I have a ton of shit to work on. Pages will resume on the 13th.

Alpha of the North – Preview

I’m FINALLY done colouring Alpha of the North! Alpha of the North will be released to the world some time in October. I’ll know an exact date later in August/September. The comic is going to be released digitally and there will be a limited edition print run. For now, I’ll be posting up previews on this website, webtoon, and patreon. Patreon gets the preview pages first. Total page length of the comic is 52 pages (this doesn’t include cover pages and additional pages). AON expands on some of the events that were glossed over in Chapter 1 (specifically pages 35 and 36). After Ivanhoe and the crew crash the bikers’ boat on the shore of Georgian Bay, they escape into the wilds of Northern Ontario. As you can tell by the title, this comic heavily features Alpha. Finishing up this comic is the reason why I haven’t been posting new pages of chapter 2. I’ve been working on inking chapter 2 and I finished drawing the whole thing! I should be done the AON preview by the end of August (about 10-15 pages) and then chapter 2 will resume in September.