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No new page next week! I have a ton of shit to work on. Pages will resume on the 13th.


  • Chapter 2: The comic is officially on hiatus until February 1st when I’ll continue posting chapter 2 once per week. I finished my degree this fall so depending on productive I get, maybe I’ll be able to do 2 pages per week later in 2023 which would allow me to finish chapter 2 by the end of next year.
  • The epilogue! I wrote an 8 page epilogue for chapter 1 which I am using as voting incentives on top webcomics. So vote there to read it! I’m also using it to promote the Webtoon mirror. I will post those on some time in January.
    • I’ve written so much material for the epilogue that I’m going to continue it into a short side comic some time in the future.
  • Alpha of the North: Now that I have free time again, I really want to get Alpha of the North finished. I’m nearly done inking the comic and colouring it will take no time. I’ve spent way too much time on this comic and I want to have it printed and up for sale at the beginning of June.
  • Minor Niner: This is the next side comic in line to be completed. I’m planning on drawing it in 2023 with a summer 2024 release.