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Jan 31: SO I forgot to publish this and it was supposed to be up on like 23rd lol. The next page of chapter 2 is IN PROGRESS but I've got a work trip and IDK if it will be finished. I've been busy inking and working (and playing RDR2 again...). Regular posting will resume.

Another reason why I wrote this comic was that there was a line at the start of Chapter 1 where Ivanhoe was hesitant to contact Marina and it was something I wish I had better addressed in chapter 1. He says something along the lines of "I'll get Georgio to do it!" I was thinking about doing a comic about the summer between Ivanhoe getting shot and the start of chapter 2, but I'm going to intersperse that stuff throughout the coming chapters. I'm sowing some seeds! Anyways, long story short is that this kiss and rejection is why Ivanhoe didn't want to contact Marina himself. He's a bit scared of her.

Page delay this week

Well, I was hoping to have this week’s page up on Wednesday but I’ve been working out some computer issues with my new build. While saving page 65 (which was completely finished minus speech bubbles) my computer became unresponsive and corrupted the file! So now I have to re-colour the page (I was able to recover my flats NO THANKS TO PHOTOSHOP’S AUTOSAVE FUNCTION) and shade it all again. I have some shit to do the next couple days so I won’t have much time to work on it until Thursday night. SO yeah! I also have to figure out what is causing my computer to randomly stop working.