Back at ‘er

Maritonia is back in full swing! I don’t foresee any delays in Chapter 2 posting until maybe may? But if I can keep going at this pace (lol) I might actually get a backlog created. Here’s a bit of what all I have going on in the background:

  1. Alpha of the North: This FINALLY going to be finished this year. I have 7 pages left to ink and I’ve been chipping away at it by doing a panel or 2 or 3 a day. I’m also flatting at the same time. Flats are half done. I’m still hoping for a July release of this comic. I could very well have this whole comic coloured by Easter. Expect to see a lot of shameless promotion starting in April. Alpha of the North is going to be available as a digital download and a small print run.
  2. Chapter 2: The other thing I’ve been chipping away at! This chapter kept ballooning because I had to introduce some plot threads. 70% of the pencils are done. I need to keep plugging away lest I outpace myself (not fun). It’s surprising how many pages you can get finished by drawing a couple panels every lunch. Some people are probably like “no duh” but this is extremely novel to me because pacing myself is not normal for me.
  3. Chapter 3: I’ve started thumbnailing but I’m shelving that til I’m done Alpha of the North and Chapter 2 pencils. This will probably be a much shorter chapter than #2 and I HOPE future chapters are around 50 pages. But only time will tell once I’ve finished thumbs.
  4. Chapters 4+: I’m currently editing chapters 4 and 5 and hoping to finalize chapter 4’s script by the summer. Writing is one thing I need to start prioritizing. I have most of the story roughed out, but haven’t started scripting chapter 6 or later. I recently re-read my notes and so many of my ideas changed.
  5. Minor Niner: I’m going to start drawing this for June Nanomango and continue in November. 15 pages at a time. It’ll be the 2024 side comic.
  6. Other Comics?: New side comics are in the works. One will be a shorter story, the other two are big stories. They may be released in volumes.