Name: Alpha
Birthday: August 20, 1987
Nationality: Canadian
Hometown: Black River, ON
Personality/About: Alpha is one of Ivanhoe’s closest friend, and he considers Ivanhoe to be his best friend. Alpha is booksmart, somewhat shy, sensitive, cautious, and would call himself a nerd. Ivanhoe has placed him in charge of navigation and logistics. When he’s not dealing with pirate things, Alpha dabbles in programming, reading sci-fi and fantasy novels (and comics, natch), and loves trivia. Typical nerd things. Alpha is the only other pirate, besides Kingston to finish high school. He completed his diploma via correspondence.

As a child, Alpha didn’t have an easy time making friends and was often picked on at school. Instead of hanging out with friends after school, he helped in his father’s store or watched Jeopardy with his grandfather. When he was invited into Ivanhoe’s circle of friends and didn’t get made fun of for his interests, he finally felt like he belonged. Alpha often has to reign in Ivanhoe. Being one of the pirates has pushed Alpha outside his comfort zone and put him in danger many times, but he has no regrets about joining the crew and deep down finds the danger thrilling.