Ivanhoe Scott

Name: Ivanhoe Scott
Birthday: April 1, 1987
Nationality: Canadian
Hometown: Black River, ON
Personality/About: Ivanhoe the leader of the pirates. He grew up on a dairy farm, but has no interest in carrying on the family business. At school, Ivanhoe was known for being eccentric, hot headed, difficult to control, but well liked by his peers. Ivanhoe has an uncanny ability to get his friends to do his bidding. This has gotten him into trouble a number of times. After a series of brazen stunts in grade 7 and 8, Ivanhoe was expelled before the end of the school year. He was allowed to move on to grade 9, but had to attend a new school where he didn’t know anyone (this didn’t last long).

He tends to be headstrong and fearless, often to a fault. He is incredibly driven to reach his goals and is willing to disregard his personal safety, and the safety of others, for the sake of his mission.