Name: Kingston
Birthday: June 27, 1984
Nationality: Canadian
Hometown: Black River, ON
Personality/About: Kingston is the only child of overly permissive parents. He has a reputation for being a little too into Jamaican culture to the point of it being inappropriate. By the time he joined the pirates, Kingston dropped the bad accent and (most of) the cultural appropriation. The other thing he dropped was the nursing program he was failing out of.

Kingston would describe himself as a marijuana enthusiast and helped fund the first Pi-rates mission with the proceeds from his drug dealing. Despite his illegal dealings, he fears nothing more than being arrested. Kingston got a reality check from a doctor in Cuba who encouraged him to go back to school instead of doing stupid shit with his friends.

Kingston is somewhat detached from the rest of the pirates as he is a few years older and wasn’t close friends with them in school. He often spends time with Marina when he wants to hang out with someone the same age as him.