You may notice some inconsistencies between this page and the beginning of the chapter... WELL. I'm going to fix the older pages one of these days. FUN FACT: The original 10-15 pages were drawn TEN years ago. The line work on them is really rough because they were inked traditionally. I didn't even have Sulphur Tongue's design finalized so the first panel of page 3 was re-drawn in probably 2019 when I picked the comic up again. I had a different vision in mind for his appearance but I've never been able to translate it to paper. In my mind he looks like Mickey Rourke in the Wrestler. I made the decision to ink things digitally around page 5 because hand inking takes so fucking long and I constantly smear ink. The line quality changes around page 30-35 because I picked up a new tablet. Combined with a newer version of photoshop, it's a lot smoother. It's a tiny-ass tablet screen. The colours are also inconsistent, too. My plan was to use a different colour scheme for the flashback section but went more saturated as things went on. If I ever print the comic I'll go back and make things consistent. Around page 40, everyone gets more tanned, which is intentional. The characters are also super off-model in the beginning because I did some pretty extensive re-draws on the earlier pages. They're a mish-mash of new and old stuff.