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AON expands on some of the events that were glossed over in Chapter 1 (specifically pages 35 and 36). After Ivanhoe and the crew crash the bikers’ boat on the shore of Georgian Bay, they escape into the wilds of Northern Ontario. As you can tell by the title, this comic heavily features Alpha and what happened to him during this time.

Several years ago I was brainstorming plot points in the comic and I had done a drawing of Kingston as a necromancer. I'm glad I can now talk about use of magic in this comic (kind of) and that it's not a spoiler haha! The Pirates arc was supposed to be a standalone comic not in the Maritonia world but then I linked it in to the rest of the comic (I used some characters that will appear later in the first iteration). There was originally going to be a plot point where it was revealed years later that Kingston had some latent magic powers. But then I was like "No! It's actually Ivanhoe who has these powers!" and his power was going to be like a psychic ability to manipulate people but he never knew he had those powers.

I've since completely abandoned that aspect of his character. I thought it would be way too much of a coincidence that his character was also magic. Nah, he's just kinda charismatic IRL (I hope this kind of comes across in the story?) and people that don't know him find him very charming. Kingston is also NOT a necromancer.

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