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AON expands on some of the events that were glossed over in Chapter 1 (specifically pages 35 and 36). After Ivanhoe and the crew crash the bikers’ boat on the shore of Georgian Bay, they escape into the wilds of Northern Ontario. As you can tell by the title, this comic heavily features Alpha and what happened to him during this time.

This is the final page of the preview! Thank you for reading the preview and I hope that if you enjoyed it, that you'll buy the digital download or the print edition once it's available. I'll give lots of advance notice of the release date.

I still have a lot of editing to do on the comic. As I've been adding speech bubbles I've been making lots of notes on revisions I need to make, so that could potentially push the release date of the comic. I also need to finish the cover page and it is An Undertaking lol. It's very detailed. I also need to make the interior pages, maybe make some stickers... I was thinking about making a travel guide to go along with this comic but I might just make a blog post in the future or leave it to Patreon. We'll see!

Sidenote: The "shit shit shit!" panel might be one of my favourite panels in the entire comic. Yes, the lack of punctuation on all the "shits" is intentional.

The next Maritonia update will be September 6th with the next page of Chapter 2!

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