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The chapter 1 wind down continues! There's only 15 more pages and I'm going to ATTEMPT to get them done by January. (lol this probably won't happen but I'll be close!)

Meanwhile this month...

  • 27/?? pages are drawn for Chapter 2. I'm attempting to get 30 pages drawn this month and I'm at 7/30. I've got a long weekend coming up so my plan is to draw like crazy until Monday.
  • 64/75 pages of chapter 1 are inked. Also gonna try and work on that this weekend before school gets too crazy.
  • 26/52 pages of Alpha of the North are inked, 19/52 coloured. This comic is going to be 90% flat colours. I HOPE to finish this by the spring and have a spring/summer 2022 release.
  • I can't remember if I mentioned it, but I thumbnailed out an entire ~30+ page side comic called Minor Niner. I'm planning on doing this with traditional media and an even more simplified digital colouring technique to have it done for fall 2023.

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