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Three weeks of pages in 1! Hopefully I don't get side tracked by other life stuff and actually get around to resuming one page per week. Expect the next one next Wednesday unless I post otherwise on twitter.

Just a reminder, Maritonia publishes over on Webtoon as well! I'm currently posting Chapter 1 five days per week until it catches up with this site. Should be around the start of January.

Because it's 2022 internet, Maritonia gets posted on a BAJILLION websites. So if you want updates that are more convenient:

  • Instagram (mostly story/page updates)
  • Tiktok (get me to 1000 followers and we can talk hyperlinks, I update my stories on update days)
  • Twitter (probably the most reliable one for updates since I can schedule posts)
  • GlobalComix (only complete chapters and side comics)
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit (page updates on r/comics and r/webcomics and the main feed when I remember to log in)

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