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Shit, Miriam's pissed (again)!

Chapter 2 is still getting started. This is just the calm before the storm. I really wish I could finish pages faster than I can right now because these chapters are designed to be read all at once.

I am STILL drawing chapter 2. I've got about 20 more pages to go. Updates will be regular for the rest of April but I'm going to go on hiatus (technically) for May to prepare Alpha of the North for print and to work up a queue of chapter 2 line art. I'll be doing 30 pages in 30 days again this June. That'll be a combination of inking and starting on a new side comic! Expect to see some pages of Alpha of the North in May. I might post the first 5-10 pages as a preview.

If you're looking for some other stuff to read, I'm publishing a Zelda comic on Webtoon biweekly until May 11th.

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