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DUN DUN DUN Ivanhoe lied to Miriam about knowing Sulphur Tongue's fate.

Chapter 2 will be updating weekly from here on out! I think the chapter is like 83 pages long. I like posting about behind the scenes stuff so here's what's going on:

  • Alpha of the North editing continues! I need to do some major edits on a couple of old pages which is slowing me down. Adding speech balloons is also mad tedious and I need to finish the cover page for the comic, as well as the interior cover pages, and I wanted to make some sticker designs.
  • I'm slowly preparing a print version of chapter 1! I've been dragging my ass on finishing the official cover page for this (same for chapter 2). I'm not satisfied with some of my colour choices in the chapter so I'm going back and redoing some colours, redrawing SOME panels and pages and I miiiiiiiight (depending on time) clean up the epilogue. Since I won't have a side comic ready next year for print, I'll be selling the print version next fall.
  • Psyching myself up to marathon draw the next side comic this November.

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