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Welcome to the Georgio Show! He hasn't much time to shine in the comic yet. It's not a spoiler, but he's going to be the focus of Chapter 3's epilogue. Now, the story of that epilogue? That's a spoiler.

In other news, I did the unthinkable and had two pages prepared for a trip away from home for Thanksgiving. It turns out I can colour three pages in like 4 days! There was almost a Thanksgiving hiatus. I am going to try and pick up the pace and ensure I have a backlog for when I go away for Xmas. I'll likely take a 2 week break from Christmas til New Year (who reads webcomics then??).

Alpha of the North is still in progress. I'm currently editing each page, checking grammar, fixing little art things, fixing inconsistencies and shading the cover page. I was hoping to have everything done by October 20th but I think I'm going to have to push it once again, releasing the first week of November. That'll give me a lot more time and I won't have to rush! Then I can actually promote this thing! Might even have the print version prepped by then....

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