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As promised! The comic is on time this week.

Because chapter 1 glossed over SO MUCH stuff, I really did a poor job of highlighting the dynamics between each of the pirates with each other. We see how they interact with Ivanhoe, but never really with each other. We got a bit of Kingston and Marina in the epilogue, and when I originally wrote the comic there was going to be a lot more between Georgio and Marina. They don't exactly get off on the right foot when Marina first joins the crew, but they have little interaction after.

Georgio and Marina were always meant to have a rather antagonistic relationship throughout the comic. There was a whole plot line where Georgio accused Marina of working with Sulphur Tongue, and I guess there's a hint of this in these pages. There's definitely some suspicion in his question, but he's also very anxious about the expedition, for various reasons...

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