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AON expands on some of the events that were glossed over in Chapter 1 (specifically pages 35 and 36). After Ivanhoe and the crew crash the bikers’ boat on the shore of Georgian Bay, they escape into the wilds of Northern Ontario. As you can tell by the title, this comic heavily features Alpha and what happened to him during this time.

I'll be posting 15 pages of this comic M-W-F on here and on Webtoon until I resume chapter 2 in early September. If you do some digging you can probably find these pages on my tumblr or even livejournal (lol) and see more than just the first 15 pages but I promise there's been quite a lot of redrawing since I posted the pencils. The first two pages have kind of janky inking and I was on the fence about updating it but YES it'll look a lot cleaner in the final version. If anyone notices anything super wonky during the preview, please let me know. This is basically going up with minimal editing at this time. Next page will be up on Friday.

I'll have a proper release date later on this summer. Enjoy!

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