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It's not often that I draw big group shots and I'm usually like "UGH TOO MANY CHARACTERS" but then I draw them and enjoy doing them.

As this page goes to publish, I'm down in NYC for pokemon go fest. I'm debating on going down to the part of New Jersey where part of Chapter 2 takes place, just for shits and giggles, but I don't want to waste precious event time haha! Maybe if I take a really early ferry to NJ I could swing it. I might also head up to the Bronx and try and find the building I picked for Marina's home.

AON expands on some of the events that were glossed over in Chapter 1 (specifically pages 35 and 36). After Ivanhoe and the crew crash the bikers’ boat on the shore of Georgian Bay, they escape into the wilds of Northern Ontario. As you can tell by the title, this comic heavily features Alpha and what happened to him during this time.

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