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The endless exposition is coming to a close over the next few days and I'm so excited to wrap this chapter up HOPEFULLY by the new year.

When I'm not polishing up chapter 1 pages (I've had this whole chapter drawn for like... 2 years now?) I've been thumbnailing chapter 2 and a side comic! The side comic is Minor Niner and it's approximately 40 pages long (I was aiming for 30, but writing really compact comics is hard!). I'm hoping to start drawing it this year and it's all going to be traditional media so it won't take me as long as doing things digitally. The plan is to publish it after Alpha of the North. Now that it's thumbnailed, I can start planning out the THIRD side comic which is going to probably end up being a full length graphic novel, so around 150-200 pages.

Chapter 2 is shaping up to be as long, if not longer than chapter 1. I'm 43 pages in to a chapter I had originally planned to be 50 pages long, which then got extended to 65 and the current page 43 was originally supposed to be 38. I'll be thumbnailing all of October to hopefully start drawing again in November.

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