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Someone makes his return, and another makes his first appearance!

I can't WAIT to get more into who Sonny is but his character in this version of the chapter is far different than who Sonny originally was. His name "Big Sonny Boy Macduff" was inspired by Sonny Boy Williamson and Lord Macduff from Macbeth. He was also originally a white dude from Scotland and kind of a cult leader figure. Over time he's transformed into more of an Indiana Jones type (his outfit is literally Indiana Jones' lol) who doesn't scare everyone into submission. This was his original description from the text for the veeeery first draft of this comic that I wrote when I was like... 17?

"I am Ivanhoe Scott, the greatest pirate in the world!"
"No you're not," yelled the same old man who asked them why they were there.
"Who dares to challenge me?" demanded Ivanhoe.
"I'm not challenging you, I'm just telling you that you're wrong."
"If I'm not the greatest, then who is?"
"Big Sonny Boy Macduff. Town hero," the man said proudly.
Big Sonny Boy was a huge pirate. He had blazing red hair and a permanent five o'clock shadow. He stood about 7 feet tall and was known for easily capturing many villages. His appearance scared most of his opposition into submission.

I've got an entire spin-off comic planned around Sonny but it's number 4 in the WIP pile.

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